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Developing Innovative Landscapes

Our professional service in residential and commercial landscaping is fully managed from concept to completion by our friendly and experienced staff. We are proud to have a portfolio of projects both locally and across the UK. Located on the border of Kent and East Sussex,  we have quick access to all major routes in the south. 


We continue to develop our services to provide enterprising & creative results with extensive experience in arboricultural and landscaping solutions. Our suppliers for plants and trees are based locally to our office, allowing us the opportunity to ensure quality products are delivered to site.


You can trust there will be no surprises when time is critical and deadlines need to be met. Our planting schedule is always at the forefront of operations, although we can be flexible when needs be.


We will deliver your vision, by understanding your needs and realising the challenges at the planning stage. Communication with our clients is key to all developments and is strongly present within our company ethos. 

Reliable & Professional Service

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Comprehensive Residential Portfolio

We are here to advise on the best patio installation options, be it of square or rectangular design, symmetrical with your house, or constructed of complicated geometric shapes with centrepiece or feature,.There are a vast range of designs to choose from: from traditional to contemporary, flagstone to porcelain, standalone to interspersed setts.

We will advise not only on colour and shape but will consider strength, durability, resistance to water absorbance, scratch resistance and post-maintenance requirements; ensuring you know exactly what you are purchasing, with a vision of the finished construction prior to commencing.

Drainage is often a factor that is missed when initially considering patio installation, another reason why you should gain our advice at the design stage. 

It is advantageous to consider other aspects of your garden design so that the completion timeline coincides. Turfing, borders, raised beds, planting requirements and leisure areas are just as important, so why not consolidate the construction process and gain your finished design quicker.

Our extensive knowledge and accurate surveying capabilities enable us to give advice on a patio install or garden design that suits your budgeting requirements.  Following a basic consultation, we are happy to provide you with a free quotation. We need to determine the patio dimensions, desired materials and any additional aggregate design features or planting selections, including perennials, herbs, grasses or alpines.

The seasons are also fundamental to scheduling, weather conditions, on occasions, can have an adverse impact on operations so we monitor forecasts at great length. Whatever the weather, you can rely on SEH Landscapes Ltd to deliver a professional garden design and installation, providing a service you can trust.

Foundations For Building

Excavating footings and placing the correct depth of concrete for extensions, new builds and outbuildings, such as garages or generator platforms, is another service that we offer. The recommended footing size is based on the size and type of the planned building and the bearing capacity of the soil.

Usually, the easiest way to place the concrete into the footings trench is via a half tube which is attached to the cement mixer and then pumped into the desired location. The cement mixture is then manhandled and pushed into the corners and tight areas whilst being monitored for depth by laser level equipment.

Groundworks and drainage are essential to reduce surface and sub-surface water build-up at the initial build stage and to protect the building from potential damage in the future.


A functioning field drainage system will control the water table, whereas the function of the main drainage system is to collect, transport, and dispose of the water through an outfall or outlet. 

With our mini diggers, we can fit into tight places due to our detractable tracks, we can accurately dig low enough to achieve the correct depth for piping. Maintaining a depth of 12 to 18 inches is best for drain pipes, but the depth of the pipe may vary in order to maintain a downward slope, this is critical for functioning systems.  


Drainage pipes and inlets are often required to be completely diverted, old piping replaced and reinstalled to recommended standards, often a complete re-route is required which means digging a new area of land, installation and landscaping on completion.

Commercial Planting & Groundworks

The ability to operate safely and efficiently on a busy retail construction site is essential when landscaping on an industrial scale.

Coordinating schedules, flexibility and awareness of each construction phase is key to success as, groundwork and planting often works around other primary activities on-site, including; general building construction, tarmac surfacing, line painting, and many other aspects. 

Services include excavating, leveling, ground waste disposal, tree surgery, stump grinding, top soiling, barking, and planting, We undertake all ground preparation and ensure we have the correct plant machinery to operate effectively.


Commercial & Residential Landscaping


Hard & Soft Landscape Design


Concrete Footings & Concrete Bases

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Commercial Tree Installation

Planting large trees on commercial sites is not as simple as it would seem. The initial challenge is the transportation of the trees, access to the site and planting location. If the trees are too large to fit on our one of our fleet of vehicles, we have them transported on articulated lorries.


Using telescopic handler forklifts with booms and reach arms, we lift them into position ready for planting. To avoid damage at any stage, our team is trained on how best to handle the trees and the best techniques for moving them into position, ready for planting. 

There are various ways to secure a tree. The double stake with crossbar and tie method is designed to provide stability during the first few years of growth, while the root systems are established. This will stop the tree rocking and prevent small fibrous roots from breaking off. The tree is supported and cushioned by a crossbar, nailed between 2 supporting stakes that are driven into the ground.

For trees with girth sizes from 12 to 45cm and approximately 2.5 to 7.5m height, the RFP Platipus rootball fixing kit is used for anchoring trees with a firm rootball in firm ground. Specific tools are required for installation: three ground anchors, which are hammered into the ground using a drive rod; a strong cable, which is laced through the eyes on the other end of the anchor and fed into the tensioner; a Platimat set which the cable sits on and prevents the cables damaging the rootball;  and, a tensioning lever that tightens the cable which is situated over the rootball and secured in place. 

Prior to covering with topsoil or aggregate, we also install an irrigation system that reduces watering time and water consumption, by eliminating wastage and targeting the water to the root zone.  Using a 60mm diameter perforated pipe and a fixed non-removable 80mm grid type inlet, this type of system is ideal for aiding the establishment of large trees over 3m in height, particularly those sited in public areas.

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